East Side Studio Crawl 2023

20th Annual East Side Studio Crawl – Explore the Creative Spaces of Established and Emerging Artists

Artists of Inglewood and Ramsay welcome you to the 20th celebration of the East Side Studio Crawl. We are excited to bring you this year’s celebration of creativity and community. Follow the red balloons to: Artpoint, Burns Visual Arts Society, Heritage Weavers & Spinners, nvrlnd., the New Blank, Workshop Studios, 500 Collective and mud Urban Potters on September 9th from 10am – 5pm.

The East Side Studio Crawl is all about connecting with the community. Engage with artists working in diverse media, visit their studios, and participate in community art activities. We are delighted to add mud Urban Potters and 500 Collective to our venues to visit.

 We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends at the 20th Annual East Side Studio Crawl! Follow the map, watch for the red balloons and come rain or shine to Ramsay and Inglewood on September 9th!

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The Burns Visual Arts Society would like to thank the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for their continued and generous support!

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